5 Lakes Institute – Not-for-profit that helps forward-thinking individuals and institutions learn, connect, and unlock the potential of advanced technologies and high-growth businesses to help the Milwaukee region thrive.

American Medical Technologies, LLC - Development of electrophysiology tools for the high growth cardiac ablation market that will provide a new mapping system for physicians treating heart arrhythmia.

Anointed Cleaners, LLC Office for disadvantaged (woman-owned) business enterprise (DBE) that does contract and construction site cleaning and provides a wide range of janitorial services.

Attalus Communications, LLC - Design, installation, and support for all-in-one communications systems.

August Brown, LLC – Technology focused management consulting that enables companies to grow by leveraging new or existing technologies in their portfolio to produce and development commercialization plans for accelerated growth.

BIM Technology Management - For the purpose of developing cutting-edge Building Information Management technology to fundamentally improve how projects are managed before, during, and after construction.  With a focus on complete design optimization, conflict reduction, error minimization, and simplicity, BIM Technology Management provides results that yield better decisions and optimal designs.

Brainard-Nielsen Marketing - a manufacturers' representative dedicated to increasing the sales of Passive and Electro-Mechanical Components to OEMs and CEMs in Illinois and Wisconsin, direct and via Distribution.

Bright Minds Bioscience, LLC – Development of the next generation of psychedelics to treat mental health disorders, in particular depression and cluster headaches.

BungeeCraft Corporation - Tenant provides cost-effective computer systems integration and information technology solutions for small and mid-sized businesses by aligning their clients' business and IT strategies, improving business processes, and deploying and supporting solutions that accelerate business results.

Cell Reprogramming & Therapeutics LLC – The development and commercialization of cell-based technologies to target diseases of the central nervous system with an aim to develop cellular models and therapeutics for neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Brain and Spinal cord injuries and Brain Cancers.

Chinmaya Mission Milwaukee, Inc. – provide to individuals, from any background, the practical means for personal growth and enrichment, enabling them to become positive contributors to society.

Claudia Egan Law Offices, LLC - Law office focusing on complex commercial transactions and computer and technology law issues, particularly electronic medical records, system security and hardware and software acquisition.

Codilis, Moody & Circelli, P.C. – Law firm that provides legal services to lenders and businesses in the banking, load servicing and financial technology sectors.

Comfort Zone Window Tinting, LLC – Sales, marketing and installation of a large selection of specialty window films including, 3M ScotchCal block-out privacy films, 3M Ultra safety and security films, 3M Anti Graffitti films, and Fasara translucent solid and patterned decorative film for residential and commercial customers in southeast Wisconsin.

COnovate, Inc. -development and production of a novel material that is the world’s first known form of solid carbon monoxide (CO) at room temperature and pressure that is easily adaptable anode material for lithium ion batteries that enables safer performance, faster charging, and higher capacity as well as potentially other application areas.

Dynamic Glass Products, LLC –  Import, manufacture and sale of Livicon PDLCD (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display) switchable glass film (which can adhered to existing glass or laminated into new glass thus improving the thermal and optical performance of the glass) to distributors in the United States and Canada.

Easy Learning, Inc. – Education consulting that includes overseeing the fidelity of implementation of the professional development and coaching aspects of reading foundations and transformative reading instruction working with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and other institutions that will result in developing internal stability, interventions, data-driven continuous improvement of student outcomes, and competent decision-making.

Electroline Data Communications Incorporated (EDCi) – Strategic needs assessment, project management, design, installation, risk management, training, and post-sales support for business needs in communication and information technology.

Forbes Investment: Help clients to be financially responsible through education and lifestyle coaching.

GenoPalate, Inc. – Provide a direct to consumer solution that helps people make smart choices for their personal nutrition needs and guide them to eat for optimal health based on their genetics as determined by DNA testing.

Global Capital Group, LLC - Global business intelligence trans-disciplinary consulting that specializes in (1) talent productivity, (2) organizational development, (3) entrepreneurship/wealth creation ecosystems growth, (4) entrepreneurship and economic development research, and (5) social entrepreneurship.

Goethe House of Wisconsin, Inc.a non-profit German-American cultural institute focusing on education, language certification, educator training and global business outreach.

Green Sign – General contracting services such as painting, flooring, drywall, and windows to residential customers on the north and south side of the metro-Milwaukee area.

Groupware Technologies, Inc. - Health and human services information technology consulting firm. Provide® Care Management software program developer and vendor.

Iazo Biosciences, LLC – Provide contract research to support development of technology and sales for other companies, provide R&D support, and independent validation of new technologies geared toward improving gut health.

Innotech Materials, LLC - Development, production and sale of functional nanocellulose and biomass conversion technology for various applications in biomedicine, chlorine-free wastewater treatments, paper and pulp recycling, and biofuel production.

InSpatial, LLC -From the Middle East, South America and throughout North America, InSpatial is designing and implementing the most advanced satellite/wireless oil well and pump monitoring systems, covering over 3,000 well sites around the world.

Internet Gaming Endeavors, LLC  mining cryptocurrencies.

IT Finity Soltuions, LLC: IT consulting services to customers across a variety of industries, predominately small to medium sized businesses, to implement cloud, mobility, and business analytics technologies.

Kathy’s Collectables, LLC – To grow sales of vintage items, aromatherapy products, and other collectible products.

Lansare Corporation - development and marketing of on-demand software applications and related IT services for life insurance companies and other financial institutions that will analyze, report, and review product data.

Logan Automation, LLC - Custom designed process control solutions for industrial manufacturing facilities, to facilitate the automation of new and existing plant equipment.

ManagePoint, LLC - Provider of a "single point of contact" for Helpdesk services, server, network and applications monitoring in addition to on-site technical support, application development and web services.

Manufacturing Diversity Institute- Foster innovation and entrepreneurship in underserved business markets by creating a research-driven, diverse talent pipeline, which intentionally and strategically links future leaders and entrepreneurs of color to advanced manufacturing’s regional economic development.

Metria Innovation, Inc. – Market, manufacture and service optically based 3D measurement systems in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners, biomedical research, defense applications, entertainment (digital animation) and virtual reality.

Milwaukee Venture Partners, Inc. –Mentoring, and funding early stage and start-up companies to help get their ideas to market, devoting time, expertise, and capital to help companies successfully grow.

MOLSPEC, LLC – Consultant in the field of technology based products and services, including but not limited to nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) instrumentation and accessories.

Ndagire Accounting & Tax Services, LLC - Accounting services for entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses, including book keeping, payables, receivables, payroll, and taxes.

NiVi Solutions, LLC Provide professional services in the area of information technology, e-commerce and technology consulting using ZNODE ARTIFI, MAGENTO Commerce and SHOIFY technology.

O Taste and See, LLC – Vegan Soul Food Catering Business and providing guidance to new entrepreneurs.

Pro Painter USA  Inc.- Office and administrative operations for Pro Painter’s USA for the purpose of managing current operations, growing sales, and expanding operations nationally.

Pure Medical, Inc – Design, manufacturing, and sales of nighttime therapeutic compression garments for patients who are affected with chronic lymphedema, chronic wounds, venous insufficiency, and other ailments.

Servo-Robot Corporation - Development of a broad product line of hybrid laser vision and sensing systems that can be integrated into robots and other special purpose machines for scam tracking, seam finding, monitoring, and inspection of manufactured products.

Shining Brow, Inc. - Software development and business management solutions consulting to customers who perform services for other businesses, such as the interior landscaping contracting industry.

Sieve Networks, Inc. - network security design and implementation, network audits and analysis, network documentation, and network monitoring and management.

Silicon Pastures, LLC – Development of a network of angel investors that meet regularly to evaluate start-up and early state companies, with a central focus on technology-based businesses within Wisconsin’s core industries and other similar activities.

Smart Measurement - is a global exchange network specialized in supply chain optimization of Process Control Instrumentation (PCI).

Software Connect - helps businesses find and compare software (ERP, accounting, MRP, and more) through research, surveys, and user reviews.

Soliton Technologies, Inc. - test automation software, data acquisition consoles, automated test equipment, process control systems and related services to vertical markets like the hydraulic and pneumatic industries, the healthcare industry, automotive parts manufacturers and the RF and Power Systems industry.

SR Snacks, LLC – Development of food products using healthy dry blended ingredients.

Tailored Solutions, Inc. - Job tracking software for the printing industry.

Technology Way II, LLC-  Next generation commercial real estate firm that sources and sells its assets online by sourcing non-agent represented deals on Loopnet and other similar online platforms.

Techstaff, Inc.-Provide job placement services in a professional and cost efficient manner to small, medium, and large businesses throughout the target market while concurrently finding  jobs and careers that properly suit applicant’s skills and aptitudes.

The Cuvette, LLC  -Provides spaces for interdisciplinary, radically transparent, and community-centered science education research.

The Joxel Group, LLC – Analyze the business and information technology needs of organizations in order to deliver strategic and technical solutions using industry leading methodologies and technologies.

The U.S. Commercial Service - Wisconsin –U.S. Commercial Service (CS), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, offers companies a full range of expertise in international trade.  Whether you are looking to make your first sale or expand to additional markets, we offer the experience and resources you need to grow international sales of your U.S. made goods and services.

Third Wave Bioactives - use the power of nature to help their customers meet the growing demand for clean-label foods. They utilize microbial technology and innovative fermentation to provide product solutions.

Tobin Solutions, Inc. - Providing a full range of information technology services for business.

Trade Acceptance Group, LTD. – Provide specialty financial services and custom innovative trade finance solutions that fit the needs of customers' trade portfolios ensuring ease of doing business with trade partners.

Trillium Specialties, LLC - Development and marketing of specialty chemical technology with a focus on color and other additives for the plastics and polymers industry.

UWM ABCD Study – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee participation in the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study or any other research-based academic program.

Woodhill Asset Management LLC-Provide OCIO (outsourced chief investment officer) investment advisory services to institutional and individual investors focusing on clients requiring a discretionary manager with fiduciary duties with an emphasis on manager selection and portfolio construction, communicated in ways that clients value.

Wisconsin Procurement Institute - a non-profit organization that was established 30 years ago by Wisconsin’s Congressman Les Aspin. Its mission is to assist Wisconsin companies with Government contracting - helping firms successfully enter and develop their Government market segment.

Recent Graduates

Agro Biosciences, Inc. - research to identify and isolate the colonic bacteria that increase the absorption and bioavailability of the polyphenol, ellagic acid that has demonstrated beneficial health effects related to antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiestrogenic, and cancer chemopreventative properties. Company was acquired Arm and Hammer Animal Nutrition a division of Church and Dwight for up to $100 million and moved to Waukesha County.  (6/1/13 – 5/31/17)

AquaMetals, LLC – Design and manufacturing of innovative analytical measurement systems for continuous monitoring of dissolved toxic heavy metals in industrial wastewater.

Badger Law LLC - law firm that provides legal services to lenders and businesses in the banking, loan servicing and financial technology sectors. Firm was acquired by Codilis, Moody & Circelli, P.C. who remains and has expanded in the TIC.  (3/1/17 – 5/31/17)

DENTDASH, Inc. – Development and manufacture of innovative high-quality dental adhesive products used for improving the adhesion between dental restorations and tooth structures in order to increase the longevity of the dental restorations.

Elevated Identity, Inc. – Design, manufacturing, and installation of custom interior and exterior signage in order to create for their clients an exceptional brand experience.

EquaStat, LLC - development of software and analytic tools to assist small and midsized businesses derive value from data collected from multiple sources. This company acquired some equipment and intellectual property from Productive Data Corporation.  Data center located in the building was no longer needed because all applications are now on the cloud.  (2/1/16 – 6/3/17)

EXACTA CorporationProvide small, medium, and large businesses with a comprehensive and scalable suite of software products that integrate processes and people to form and develop healthy technology-enabled relationships.

Forge Marketing Consultants, LLC:  Full service marketing and advertising company combining traditional media and new e-marketing techniques to bring sales results to its clients.

Further Labs, Inc. – Empower local technology-based companies with insights, tools and data-driven perspectives to drive product iteration and venture evolution, through design strategy, custom primary research, co-design facilitation, applied technology strategy, secondary research and tech design workshops.

GOVIRA Labs – Development of therapeutic interventions and diagnostic testing for complex illnesses including neurodegenerative disorders, virally mediated carcinoma, and complex autoimmune disease.

Guild Software, LLC – Development of massively multi-player online simulation software used for real-time online entertainment and the development, marketing, and operation of a multi-player online simulation game.

Marco Technologies, LLC – Helping small to medium sized business succeed by implementing innovative technology solutions including Customer Relationship Management Software, IT Service Management, Computer Networking, Network Hosting and other services customarily offered and provided by Tenant.

NUMIX Materials Inc. – Creation of a reliable, economically viable, and cost-effective domestic supply of cobalt, nickel, and manganese by harvesting critical metals from spent lithium-ion batteries using novel fully inorganic, sorbent powers that extract dissolved metal ions from aqueous streams.

Polyphase Health, LLC Formulation, manufacture, marketing and distribution of health and dietary supplements that will help to increase the wellbeing of the company’s customers.

Potty Pearls, LLC – formulation, manufacture, marketing and distribution of portable, effective and discreet tablets or wafers, also called “pearls” that block toileting odors and are phthalate-free and contain no CA Prop 65 reportable ingredients.

Retail Store Construction, Inc. – general contractor specializing in out-of-ground and interior build-outs of retail spaces and restaurants throughout the United States.

Satori Food Project, Inc. – Manufacture and distribution of specialty foods and beverages fortified with nutrients that protect and improve health and wellness.

Securience - Technology development and web research with pending patents in Internet search technology and other areas such as development of a flavor research and production business manufacturing flavored eLiquids.

Serlio Software Corporation - Software engineering tools, services, and distributed computing solutions based on .NET, J2EE, and similar platforms, plus mentoring and training for implementing best practices in software development. (Graduated 3/31/18)

Sotira, LLC - Development of novel small-molecule targeted therapeutic interventions and diagnostic testing for complex illnesses including Parkinson’s disease (PD), Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and other neuro-immune disorders.

Sun Bias, Inc. − a 94 year-old textiles and industrial fabrics manufacturing business.

THRIVE! Life Services, LLC - Development of human capital through individual coaching, face-to-face classes for groups of people, corporate training, and creation of online classes.

Teknology Sales, LLC - Providing independent manufacturers representation services, including engineering and design sales consultation, to small and large-sized OEM’s in Wisconsin specializing in electro-mechanical components.

Ticomix, Inc. - Helping small-to-medium sized businesses succeed by implementing innovative technology solutions including Managed IT services, Service Desk software & consulting, Cloud hosting, and custom software development.

Translational Imaging Innovations, Inc. – Integrate ocular imaging science research, data management and algorithm development into a unified software platform product for research and clinical trial customers.

MARS IT Corporation - Woman-owned software consulting company providing client server and web development services, staff augmentation, training services, and offshore software development.

Molecular Specialties, LLC - Development and marketing of microwave probes for electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) applications.

Valor Technologies, LLC – Provide full Managed Service and Managed Security Service solutions (commonly referred to as MSP and MSSP Services) to businesses, non-profits, and government organizations in southeastern Wisconsin including cloud enablement, infrastructure and security surveillance (SIEM) and data warehousing.

VapinUSA, LLC -  Development, manufacture, and distribution of Food and Drug Administration (FD) approved e-Liquids for retail and wholesale customers located both domestically and internationally, including Japan, Europe, and South America.

Wauwatosa Chamber of Commerce. - Business association that represents companies in and around Wauwatosa and the west suburban Milwaukee community, supports business, and creates an environment of cooperation among the many business communities represented within its membership.

Will Allens’s Beyond Organic LLC – Research into USDA certified urban organic farming methodologies and products; training, workshops and education in urban organic farming; and development of prototype hydroponic methods of growing plants.